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Cabinet Regulation No. 78 of 2017 on Trade and Use of Natural Gas

Type of law

The Regulation prescribes (1) the procedures for supplying and discontinuing the supply of natural gas to system users, the requirements for secure use of the natural gas system, the rights and obligations of a trader, public trader, system operator, system user and owner of a gasified object in the supply and use of natural gas; (2) the procedures for settling payments for the received services, the amount of late payment interest, the procedures for changing traders, and the supply of system users in the case of disruptions in the supply of natural gas; (3) the procedures for ensuring the supply of natural gas to captive consumers by a public trader; (4) the procedures for selecting a public trader; and (5) the procedures for determining and publishing the price for the supply of last resort for final non-captive consumers and the gasified objects of which are connected to the natural gas distribution system.
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