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Governmental Decree No. 8 validating Veterinary and Sanitary Regulation setting requirements for animal health and public health when importing and supplying to the market certain products of animal origin.

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This Veterinary and Sanitary Regulation establishes animal health and public health requirements governing the importation and marketing of certain animal products such as animal intestines, bones and bone products (other than bone meal), horns and products from horns (except for hornmeal), as well as hooves and products from hooves (except for hoofmeal), processed animal proteins, blood and blood based products from hoofed animals and poultry (except for horse serum), fat and melted fat, rabbit meat and game, including sampling from such products. Animal products non complying with sanitary and hygienic requirements related to animal health and public health shall be prohibited for import and trade on internal market of the Republic of Moldova. The National Agency for Food Safety ensures verification of compliance of imported and marketed products of animal origin intended for human consumption with hygienic requirements for foodstuffs. Fresh meat obtained from cattle, swine, sheep, goats, ungulates, chickens, turkeys, common guinea fowl, ducks, geese may only be imported and placed on the market if it meets the requirements of this Regulation.
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