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Law No. 27 On classification of carcasses of cattle, swine and sheep .

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This Law establishes the legal and economic basis for the National system for the classification of carcasses of cattle, swine and sheep, as well as the relationship between state institutions and economic entities engaged in the production and slaughter of animals. The purpose of this law is to ensure the transparency of the activities of the parties involved in the breeding and slaughter of farm animals, the improvement of the quality and value added of cattle, swine and sheep carcasses obtained at authorized meat production points in the Republic of Moldova, as well as the fair remuneration of stock-breeders supplying live animals for slaughter. This law does not apply to carcasses obtained in individual households for personal consumption, provided that they are not intended for sale, and to slaughter points. Carcasses and/or half-carcasses are classified and identified at the slaughter point immediately after weighing: not later than an hour after slaughter for cattle carcasses and sheep carcasses, and no later than 45 minutes for carcasses of swine. This Law consists of VI Sections. Section I lays down general provisions. Section II establishes the National system for the classification of carcasses of livestock. Section III establishes the rules for classification and identification of carcasses. Section IV regards official control. Section V regards registration and presentation of prices. Section VI lays down final and transitional provisions.
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This Law enters into force six months after the date of its official publication.
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Nr. 27 10.03.2017 o , .