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Law No. LP331/2023 amending Law No. 10 On promotion of use of renewable energy .

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Law No. 10 On promotion of use of renewable energy shall be supplemented with Chapter IV (1) regarding energy consumption form renewable sources for heating and cooling and in transport sector. The Government is promoting policies to increase energy consumption from renewable sources in the national economy for heating and cooling, establishing an approximate trajectory for increasing the share of energy from renewable sources used for these purposes. Energy share from renewable sources for heating and cooling is calculated in accordance with the Regulations on calculating energy consumption from renewable sources. Authorized central sectoral body of public administration in the field of energy assesses the potential use from renewable sources for heating and cooling, and waste heat and cold. The assessment covers a spatial analysis of suitable areas for implementation with low environmental risk, as well as assessing the potential for small-scale domestic projects, and should be included in a comprehensive assessment of the national potential for the use of highly efficient cogeneration and efficient centralized heating and/or cooling system.
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Republica Moldova PARLAMENTUL LEGE Nr. LP331/2023 din 09.11.2023 pentru modificarea Legii nr. 10/2016 privind promovarea utiliz rii energiei din surse regenerabile.