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Decision on the formation of the Coordination Body for the protection of the marine environment.

Type of law

The Decision, based on the provisions of the Montenegrin Law on protection of the marine environment, proclaims the formation of the Coordination Body for the protection of the marine environment, in order to monitor and improve the state of the marine environment. Article 3 provides the list of official members. The tasks of this Coordinating Body are: giving an opinion on the proposal of the Strategy for the Protection of the Marine Environment and its constituent parts: initial assessments of the state of the marine environment, characteristics of good ecological status of the sea environment, with criteria and methodological standards for determining good ecological status marine environment, objectives and indicators for achieving and/or maintaining good ecological status of marine environment, marine monitoring programme, programme of measures for implementation, that is, maintaining a good ecological condition of the marine environment; giving recommendations and opinions in the implementation of the policy of protection of the marine environment, especially bearing in mind the process of Montenegro's accession to the European Union and the requirements of European regulations; sectoral coordination and harmonization of policies with the principles, goals and measures in areas of marine protection; making proposals of importance for the improvement of the protection of the marine environment; monitoring the implementation of obligations and reviewing reports on the implementation of the program of measures; monitoring the implementation of projects of importance for the implementation of marine environmental protection policy; coordination and connection of activities with the work of the Coordination Body for Integral coastal zone management of the permanent working group of the National Council for sustainable development, climate change and integrated management of coastal area.
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Entry into force notes
This text entered into force eight days after its publication in the Official Gazette (published on 8 September 2021).
Publication reference
Official Gazette of Montenegro 95/2021
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Odluka o obrazovanju Koordinacionog tijela za za titu morske sredine.