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Decree No. 63/2021 approving the Regulation for diamond, precious metals and gems commercialization.

Type of law

This Decree approves the Regulation for trading diamond, precious metals and gems. This Regulation, consisting of 57 articles divided into five Chapters and three Annexes, establishes rules governing the sale of the above. It establishes the requirements for the exercise of the activities of commercialization, import, export and transit of rough diamonds, precious metals and gemstones classified as such in subsections 7102.10, 7102.21 and 7102.31 of the Harmonized System of Coding and Designation of Commodities, approved by World Customs Organization. The commercialization through a trading license, is only allowed to national natural and legal persons, in accordance with the Mining Law. This Regulation applies to exploration and production operations carried out under mining titles and to the purchase and sale of rough diamonds, precious metals and gemstones. The Minister who oversees the area of Mineral Resources is entitled to: a) Grant the Trading License under the terms of this regulation; b) Suspend the License; c) Revoke the Trading License; d) Approve the Model Certificate of Origin and Kimberley Process; etc.
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Entry into force notes
This Decree enters into force 12 months after its publication.
Serial Imprint
Boletim da Rep blica, I S rie, No. 169.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Decreto n. 63/2021 - Aprova o Regulamento de Comercializa o de diamantes, metais preciosos e gemas e revoga o Decreto n. 25/2015, de 20 de Novembro.