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Non-Ionising Radiation Regulations, No. 126 of 2020

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These Regulations are made in accordance with Section 43(1) of the Atomica Energy and Radiation Protection Act 5 of 2005. They apply to non-ionising radiation sources like telecommunications and broadcasting installations, certain medical applications, ultraviolet sun lamps and high power lasers. The purpose of the Regulations includes; (a) to protect members of the public and workers from adverse health effects arising from exposure to non-ionising radiation in the living or working environment; and (b) to set non-ionising radiation exposure limits for members of the public and workers in order to protect them from the known adverse health effects of non-ionising radiation. The Regulations protect for the registration of non-ionising radiation sources, including items like licences, permits and permissions, among others. The Regulations also provide for non-ionising radiation exposure limits, public exposure protection, occupational exposure protection, etc.
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