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Act No. 166 of 2008 amending the Environment Protection Act in relation with the implementation of Directive 2004/35/EC (environmental liability).

Type of law

This Act amends the Environment Protection Act Directive 2004/35/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council on environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage. A new Title "Measures in case of environmental damage or imminent threat of environmental damage" is inserted in the principal Act. This Title concerns liability in case of damage to the environment as defined in the Directive. The Title appoints the competent authority for purposes of the Directive and defines measures that shall be carried out by or may be imposed upon a person who causes environmental damage.
Date of text
Serial Imprint
Staatsblad, No. 166, 20 May 2008, 9 pp.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Wet van 24 april 2008 tot wijziging van de Wet milieubeheer in verband met de implementatie van richtlijn nr. 2004/35/EG (milieuaansprakelijkheid).