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Act No. 606 of 2006 amending the Environment Protection Act and some other related the Act in relation (modernization of general environmental rules for facilities).

Type of law

This Act amends the Environment Protection Act and some other related Laws so as to cancel some obstacles in those Laws for the streamlining and amendment of current general rules of environmental protection and the extension of the application sphere of such rules.
The amendments of the Environment Protection Act concern permits for polluting facilities, regulation-making powers of the Minister, measures imposed on owners of polluting installations and the making of regulations by local authorities. The Surface Waters Pollution Act is amended with respect to regulation-making powers of the Minister and the notification of the discharge of certain substances in surface waters.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
Entry into force on a date to be established by Royal Decree.
Serial Imprint
Staatsblad, No. 606 of 5 December 2006, 10 pp.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Wet van 22 november 2006, houdende wijziging van de Wet milieubeheer en enige andere daarmee verband houdende wetten (modernisering van de algemene milieuregels voor inrichtingen).