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Act No. 674 of 2005 amending the Environment Protection Act and the Act on Economic Offences in relation with the quality of activities in the environment protection sector and the integrity of the operators involved.

Type of law

This Act amends the Environment Protection Act so as grant to the Ministry of Housing, Town and Country Planning and the Environment the authority to provide for a system of integrity control of persons and companies involved in (control of) the protection of the environment. The activities concerned include restructuring of soil and other environmental features, analysis, measurements, monitoring, preparation of waste for storage in the soil, etc.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
Entry into force on a date to be established by Royal Decree.
Serial Imprint
Staatsblad, No. 674 of 22 December 2005, 4 pp.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Wet van 1 december 2005 tot wijziging van de Wet milieubeheer en de Wet op de economische delicten, houdende regels inzake de kwaliteit van werkzaamheden in het milieubeheer en de integriteit van de daarbij betrokken uitvoerders.