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Decree No. 334 of 2000 containing environment protection rules for equipment and installations used in construction and wood processing enterprises.

Type of law

This Decree prescribes rules relative to the prevention and reduction of pollution relating to economic activities in the sphere of construction and the processing of wood. The provisions of this Decree deal with all kinds of pollution such as discharge of water, pollution of the soil and groundwater, etc. It is based on the principle that enterprises working in these sectors are for themselves responsible for control of their activities and the control mechanism is now concentrated on report by those enterprises instead of control through the granting of permits. The principal competent authorities for the implementation and enforcement of provisions of this Decree are city and town mayors and councils. The Decree applies to installations that are exclusively or in major part used for the production, processing, or storage of wood and cork. The Schedule contains detailed rules relative to environmental aspects of activities within installations and management of installations.
Date of text
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Staatsblad No. 334, 22 July 2000, 75 pp.
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