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Decree No. 806 of 1994 on the transportation of animals.

Type of law

This Decree implements articles 58 to 60 of the Act Concerning Well-being and Health of Animals, bringing Dutch legislation in line with the provisions of EC Council Directive 91/628/EC. This Act replaces legislation concerning animal transportation which has been revoked. As concerns detailed requirements on transport of various animal species, this Decree refers to the Annex to the Directive. Various provisions of the Directive have been incorporated into the Decree. Regulation of various matters on animal transport has been delegated to the Minister in order to ensure timely implementation of developments in Community legislation. The Decree consists of 21 articles, divided into 6 chapters: General; Certificates; Permitted transport methods; Means of transportation of livestock; Transportation of sick or wounded livestock; Enforcement and registration.
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Staatsblad, No. 806, 24 November 1994, pp. 1-24.
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in force
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