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Decree no. BWBR0007574 of 25 September 1995, containing rules regarding the Granting of Subsidies to the Foundation for Advice on Administrative Law, and on the Environment and Spatial Planning.

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This Decree, implementing provisions of article 57 of the Spatial Planning Act and article 20.14 of the Environmental Management Act, concerns the annual subsidy to the foundation created for performing the tasks of spatial planning, intended to cover the expenses deemed necessary for the operation of the foundation, the personnel costs according to the employment conditions, the material and travelling costs, the research costs. According to the Decree, the Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment determines the amount of the subsidy on the basis of the budget, and may set a subsidy ceiling. The Decree provides for: accountability and control measures; financial report; measures for determining the subsidy.
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Government Gazette no. 454 of 1995.
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Legislation Amendment
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Besluit nr. BWBR0007574 van 25 september 1995, houdende voorschriften subsidi ring stichting advisering bestuursrechtspraak milieu en ruimtelijke ordening.