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Decree no. BWBR0028265 of 24 July 2010, containing environmental quality requirements for external safety for the transport of hazardous substances through pipelines (External Safety Pipelines Decree).

Type of law

This Decree, implementing provisions of articles 5.1 first paragraph, 5.2 first paragraph, 5.3 first and second paragraphs, and of the Environmental Management Act, and articles 3.37 and 4.3 first and second paragraphs of the Spatial Planning Act, applies to the transport through pipelines of hazardous substances, exceeding a specified concentration or are in specific conditions. The Decree concerns: zoning plan; hazardous substances; risk management, and location-related risk; vulnerable object; disaster; general rules for operator transporting hazardous substances; protection of human health and the environment; evaluation and prevention of damages; procedure for determining a zoning plan.
Date of text
Serial Imprint
State Gazette no. 686 of 2010.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Besluit nr. BWBR0028265 van 24 juli 2010, houdende milieukwaliteitseisen externe veiligheid voor het vervoer van gevaarlijke stoffen door buisleidingen (Besluit externe veiligheid buisleidingen)