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Decree no. BWBR0034233 of 11 November 2013, containing environmental quality requirements for external safety in connection with the transport of hazardous substances over transport routes (External Safety Transport Routes Decree).

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This Decree, based on the provisions of the Environmental Management Act, the Spatial Planning Act, and the Environmental Law General Provisions Act, provides for defining environmental quality requirements for external safety related to the transport of hazardous substances, and concerns: transport route, hazardous substances, disasters, societal risk, zoning plan, granting of environmental permit. Matters covered by this Decree include: decisions relating to land in the vicinity of a transport route; adoption of a zoning plan related to land located within a basic network distance; group risk accountability; spatial substantiation of an environmental permit related to inland waterways.
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State Gazette no. 465 of 2013.
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Legislation Amendment
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Besluit nr. BWBR0034233 van 11 november 2013, houdende milieukwaliteitseisen voor externe veiligheid in verband met het vervoer van gevaarlijke stoffen over transportroutes (Besluit externe veiligheid transportroutes)