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Act No. 3 of 1951 relative to the marketing of raw fish.

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This Act provides for the control of turnover of fish in sales immediately after catch. "Fish" in this Act includes herring, sprat and shellfish, as well as parts and by-products of fish. The Government may rule that processing, sale or exportation of certain fish species may not take place if the first sale of those fish was not handled by an appointed fishermen's sales organization or carried out with approval of that organization. This rule may also apply to the importation of living or fresh fish, including fish landed by a foreign vessel. The rule may be limited for certain catch originating from specified fishing grounds or brought on land in certain ports. Section 3 contains rules relative to sales organizations and lays down requirements which such organizations shall meet. These sales organizations may impose restrictions on the catch of certain species in specified areas if management and conservation of fish stock requires so. Some measures shall only be taken with the approval of the Department of Fisheries. (11 sections)
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of Act No. 3 of 1951 as at 3 March 2011 and amended last by Act No. 37 of 2008 (Norwegian version).The translation dates from January 1996 and incorporates amendments of the Act up to 1 January 1994.
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Translation of the Ministry of Fisheries.
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Legislation Amendment
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Lov om omsetning av r fisk.