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Act on first-hand purchase of wild marine resources (No. 75 of 2013).

Type of law

The purpose of this Act is to contribute to sustainable and economically profitable management of wild living marine resources by facilitating a good framework for first-hand trade and securing documentation of fish catches. The Act applies to the wild living marine resources and to the requirements for raw material quality and approval of fish activities control responsibilities and decisions. This Act applies to the Norwegian territory (with the exception of Jan Mayen and Svalbard), the Norwegian territorial sea and internal waters, to the Norwegian continental shelf and in the area established by articles 1 and 5 on the economic zone (Act No. 91 of 17 December 1976 - LEX-FAOC002033). The Act does not apply to hunting activities pursuant to the Aquaculture Act.
The Act consists of 8 Chapters: Introductory provisions (1); Establishment and approval of fishing trade (2); Preliminary turnover of wild living marine resources (3); Regulation of harvesting and directing fish catches (4); Quality requirements (5); Inspection responsibility for fish trade groups (6); Offences and penalties (7); Entry into force, transitional provisions and amendments to the Act (8).
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Entry into force notes
Entry into force upon Royal decision.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
LOV 2013-06-21 nr 75: Lov om f rstehandsomsetning av viltlevande marine ressursar (fiskesalslagslova).