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Act No. 42 of 1997 relative to the Coast Guard.

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The Act consists of 38 sections divided into 7 Chapters: General provisions (I); Organization and staffing of the Coast Guard (II); Tasks of the Coast Guard (III); Relationship with other control authorities (IV); Control and enforcement measures (V); Penal provisions (VI); Entry into force and relationship to other Acts (VII).
Under section 6 a Coast Guard Council shall be established by the King. Provisions of Chapter III outline the tasks of the Coast Guard including those the field of fisheries and environment protection: tasks to be carried out pursuant, inter alia, to the Fishing Vessels Act of 1917, Act No. 7 of 1939 on whaling, Act no. 1 of 1951 on trawl fisheries, Act No. 19 of 1966 on foreign fishing, Act No. 91 of 1976 concerning the Norwegian economic zone, the Fisheries Act of 1983, the Nature Conservation Act of 1970, the Wildlife Protection Act of 1981, the Pollution Act No. 6 of 1981, and Act No. 47 of 1992 regulating inland fishing and fishing for salmon. Section 11 lists the enactments relating to environment protection, in the framework of which the Coast Guard shall carry out control tasks.
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Consolidated version of Act No. 42 of 1997 as at 3 March 2011 amended last by Act No. 100 of 2009.
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Lov om Kystvakten (Kystvaktloven).