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Decree No. 1229 of 2010 regulating notification (position, catch and operations) and control and related matters concerning fishing and hunting in the fishery protection zone of Svalbard.

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This Decree sets regulations concerning the reporting requirement of fishing vessels on their fishing and hunting activities in protect areas. Vessels fishing or hunting in the fisheries protection zone, shall report earliest 24 hours and no later than 12 hours prior to their activities. Fishing vessels from the Norwegian Economic Zone or from Svalbard s territorial waters may start fishing after the notification has been reported, independently from the given time restrictions as indicated. Any fishing vessel shall send a catch report each time it enters territorial waters, however they may not commence their fishing activities in the protection zone at Svalbard prior to its reporting (COE) is authorized by the Directorate (art. 5). Reporting of catch (DCA) shall be notified as indicated in table of art. 6 (data item block A-B). Vessels reporting by fax shall ensure notification of catch when fishing in other ICES areas, or on a weekly basis. Notification requirement guidelines are indicated in table of art. 7. Vessels shall submit a catch report no later than 24 hours before transshipment starts, and vessels receiving transshipments shall immediately and no later than one hour report of such activity. Transshipment catch onto vessels from EU Member States (Norway, Russia, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland) and from the NEAFC partner is authorized (art. 8). Vessels shall send a port report no later than four hours prior to entering a port, regardless of whether they have landed a catch (art. 9). Vessels shall report when fishing in the zone ends and latest at each time when exiting such zone (table in art. 10).
The Decree consists of VII Chapters and 4 Appendices: I. General Provisions (art. 1); II. Location reporting (art. 2-3); III. Reporting (art. 4-11); IV. Return messages (art. 12); V. Correction, cancellation and technical errors (art. 13-15); VI. Control and inspection (art. 16-18); VII. Regulatory powers, penalties and entry into force (art. 19-21):
Appendix 1 - Error codes using electronic messages.
Appendix 2 - Explanation for the specification of zones (ZO).
Appendix 3 - Fishing activity (AC).
Appendix 4 - Summary of types of codes used in data item SS in DCA message.
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This is the consolidated version of Decree No. 1229 as last amended by Decree No. 847 of 2013.
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Forskrift om rapportering (posisjon, fangst og aktivitet) og kontroll mv. ved fiske og fangst i fiskevernsonen ved Svalbard