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Decree No. 880 of 1994 regulating fishing in the fishery protection zone of Svalbard.

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This Decree regulates fishing in the fish protection zone of Svalbard by Norwegian and foreign fishing vessels. Section 1 outlines the application sphere of the Decree: it applies to Norwegian and foreign vessels of any type which carry out commercial fishing or assist in commercial fishing including experimental fishing (sect. 1). Section 2 prescribes an active and a passive duty to report on catch. Catch logbooks shall be kept in accordance with rules laid down in section 3. Control and inspection shall be carried out by the coast guard and the Directorate of Fisheries. Vessels shall carry their national flag and shall be properly marked. Inspection may also be carried out in fish storage and processing rooms of the vessel. (8 sections)
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Consolidated version of Decree No. 880 of 1994 as at 8 February 2008 and amended last by Decree No. 238 of 2005.
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Forskrift om regulering av fiske i fiskevernsonen ved Svalbard.