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Decree No. 1396 of 1999 on regulating foreign fishing and catch in the fishery zone of Jan Mayen.

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This Decree regulates the fishing by foreign vessels in the fishery zone of Jan Mayen established 23 May of 1980 (Decree No. 4). The laws and regulations which apply to the carrying out of fishing activities by foreigners in the Norwegian economic zone north of 62 N shall apply equally to fishing including experimental fishing and catch by foreigners in the fisheries zone of Jan Mayen (sect. 3). Fishing licences shall be released by the Director of Fisheries. Licences may be given to vessels of Iceland and any other country which has signed a fishery agreement with Norway. Licences are attached to the vessel and cannot be transferred (sect. 4). Applications shall be sent to the Director well before the start of the season together with a fisheries plan (sect. 5). Section 8 concerns reporting.
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Immediate entry into force.
Consolidated version of Decree No. 1396 of 1999 as amended last by Decree No. 153 of 2005 and by Decree 557 of 2008.
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Forskrift om utlendingers fiske og fangst i fiskerisonen ved Jan Mayen.