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Decree No. 1428 of 2008 to regulate fishing for shrimps in East Greenland in 2009.

Type of law

The Decree prohibits, in principle, Norwegian vessels to fish and land shrimps in the fisheries zone of East Greenland in 2009. However, in ICES Areas XIV and Va a total catch of 3.500 tons of shrimp may be fished by Norwegian vessels that meet criteria set out in article 3. In order to be eligible for participation the applying vessel shall have participated at least five preceding years and be notified with the Directorate of Fisheries. Vessels that do not qualify may participate as substitution for qualifying vessels. Fishing shall stop when the total catch quota is reached. Other provisions deal with fishing rights in case of lease of vessel, redistribution of quotas, duty to report, and prescribe penalties.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
Remains in force until the end of 2009.
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Legislation status
in force
Legislation Amendment
Original title
Forskrift om regulering av fisket etter reker ved st-Gr nland i 2009.