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Act No. 15 of 1999 relative to the right to participate in fishery and hunting of marine animals (Participation Act).

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The purpose of this Act is to regulate the access to fishery and hunting of other marine animals so as to safeguard rational and sustainable use of living marine resources and to protect the fishing rights of the residents of coastal areas of Norway.
The text of the Act consists of 32 sections divided into 7 Chapters: Scope and application sphere of the Act (I); Commercial authorizations (II); Special authorizations (III); Specific restrictions on fishing and hunting of marine resources (IV); registration and marking of crafts (V); Sanctions (VI); Entry into force and amendments of other laws (VII).
This Act applies to commercial fishing vessels of more than 15 metres of total length, which are under duty of registration pursuant to Act No. 1 of 1917 relative to registration and marking of fishing vessels. The Act prescribes criteria that vessels and owners of vessels shall meet in order to be admitted to fishing. The criteria introduced pursuant to national or international measures to protect fish resources may, pursuant to section 22, be modified by the King, for reasons of fisheries resources management. Some provisions deal with marking and registration of vessels (sects. 22-26).
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of Act No. 15 of 1999 as at 14 March 2008 and amended last by Act No. 37 of 2008.The application sphere of this Act has been enlarged by Decree No. 243 of 2001 so as to include apply also to "pighudder".
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Lov om retten til delta i fiske og fangst (deltakerloven).
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