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Decree No. 1434 of 2008 to regulate fishing for winter capelin in Barents Sea in 2009.

Type of law

This Decree prohibits in principle fishing by Norwegian vessels of capelin in he North-east Atlantic and the Barents Sea (ICES statistical areas I and II) in 2009. The prohibition extends also to fishing vessels used by foreigners which are equalled to Norwegian citizens. This Decree consists of 6 Chapters: Prohibition and total quotas (I); Fishing in purse seine groups (II); Fishing in trawling groups (III); Fishing coastal vessel groups (IV); General provisions (V); Offences and penalties and entry into force (VI).
Provisions of Chapter 2 to 4 specify for each of the type of fishery conditions for participation, group quotas, and prescribe the method of calculation of single vessel quotas. In principal it shall be forbidden to fish for capelin the Northeast Atlantic and the Barents Sea (ICES areas I and II). However, south of 74 N Norwegian vessels may fish 183.000 tons of capelin but not in the fisheries protection zone of Svalbard. The Directorate of Fisheries is given the power to decide the opening date of fishing and to delimit fishing fields.
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Entry into force notes
Remains in force during the whole year 2009.
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in force
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Original title
Forskrift om regulering av vinterloddefisket i Barentshavet i 2009.