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Decree No. 1507 of 2009 to regulate fishing in the North-west Atlantic (NAFO Area).

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This Decree applies to fishing activities in the area known as the NAFO maritime area. Participating vessels must adhere to rules of the Convention on fishing in the NAFO area and are not permitted to engage in fishing activities if not first registered electronically by the Directorate of Fisheries for each calendar year. Registration is obtained by submitting information which includes start of fishing reports, vessel particulars (authentication code, personnel, measure of vessel, specific NAFO fishing area locations, target fishing species and quantity). Art. 3e: Vessels receiving catches from other vessels shall ensure a port report is submitted no later than 24 hours prior to the landing takes place. The Director General of Fisheries may prohibit any fishing in the said area or part of it when there are existing international agreements in that regard or when allocated quotas are awarded by decision of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NAFO). The Director General of Fisheries may also decide that a quota can only be exploited by certain types of gear and, among other things, prescribes the mesh size of trawl nets for shrimps fishing (less than 40 mm) and requires the use of a sorting grate for shrimp fishing. All catches taken in NAFO Area shall be stowed separately from catches taken outside the area.
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Consolidated text of Decree No. 1507 of 2009 as amended last by Decree No. 1419 of 2011.
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Forskrift om regulering av fisket i det nordvestlige Atlanterhav (NAFO-omr det)