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Decree No. 1555 of 2010 to regulate fishing red fish in ICES Statistics areas I and II outside of waters under jurisdiction of any State in 2011.

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This Decree prohibits in principal fishing for and landing of red fish by Norwegian vessels in the ICES Statistics areas I and II in international waters. It allows, however, a total allowable catch of 7.900 tons of red fish to be fished by Norwegian vessels between 15 August and 30 November 2011. Other provisions concern bycatch, reporting and observers. The Directorate of Fisheries may order a stop on fishing when the total quota has been reached by Norwegian and foreign vessels. Offences shall be punished in accordance with sections 61, 62 and 64 of the Marine Living Resources Act.
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Legislation Amendment
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Forskrift om regulering av fisket etter uer i ICES' statistikkomr der I og II utenfor noen stats jurisdiksjon i 2011.