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Decree No. 1745 of 2009 to provide for the management and conservation of seals on the Norwegian coast.

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The Decree of the Department of Fisheries and Coast Protection aims at the conservation of a stock of seals on the Norwegian coast as a renewable resource and regulates hunting of seals from an ecological and economic perspective. It applies to seals of all species. In principal it is forbidden to hunt, catch, damage or kill seals in Norwegian marine and inland waters. The Directorate of Fisheries however, may, within established catch quotas, issue licences to hunt for certain species of seals and municipalities may authorize hunting for certain specicies of seals in specified periods. One provision concerns access of foreigners to seal hunting. Seals which damage fishing gear or within aquaculture areas may be killed. Killing of seal shall be reported to municipal authorities of the area in which hunting takes place.
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Legislation Amendment
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Forskrift om regulering av sel p norskekysten.