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Decree No. 344 of 2011 to regulate the right of access to participate in fishing for Red King Crabs in the quota- regime area east of 26 E in 2011 and 2012.

Type of law

This Decree sets out the general conditions for the participation in fishing for Red King Crabs in areas defined by this Decree ( quota regime areas ).
The Decree starts out by prohibiting in general the fishing for, having on board or landing of Red King Crabs by Norwegian vessels in the defined areas. However, a specified quota may be caught in the defined areas between 1 August 2011 and 31 July 2012. The Decree, among other things, sets out the conditions for the participation in open groups and regulates various other matters relative to fishing for Red King Crabs such as approval of participation, transfer of quota rights to other vessels, landing of catch, reporting and punishment of offences. The Decree also sets out a quota for non-commercial fishing.
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Legislation Amendment
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Forskrift om regulering av og adgang til delta i fangst av kongekrabbe i kvoteregulert omr de st for 26 mv. i 2011 2012.