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Decree No. 5 of 1978 to regulate fishing and hunting by foreign vessels in the adjacent areas of the Barents Sea bordering the coastline of Norway and Russia.

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This Decree regulates some aspects of fishing by foreign vessels in the areas described in article 1. Foreign vessels shall obtain a fishing authorization of Russian or Norwegian authorities. The Norwegian authority shall be the Fisheries Directorate. Foreign vessels with a Norwegian fishing licence shall observe certain requirements regarding notification. Licences shall be kept on board and reports be made to the Director of Fisheries (art. 3). Article 4 refers to the Decree regulating fishing by foreign vessels in the Norwegian Economic Zone and recommended rules of the North-east Atlantic Fisheries Commission. Norwegian fishing licences exclude licences to foreigners released for areas specified in article 5. (6 articles)
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Consolidated version of Decree No. 5 as at 21 February 2008 and amended last by Decree No. 192 of 2005.
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Forskrift om utlendingers fiske og fangst i et tilst tende omr de i Barentshavet som grenser opp til Norges og Russlands fastlandskyst.