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Decree to regulate fishing for Norwegian young herring with vessels which carry the Islandic or Russian flag or the flag of the Faeroe Islands or member countries of the European Communities in the fishery zone of Jan Mayen in 1999 (No. 1408 of 1998).

Type of law

This Decree applies to fishing by vessels flying the flag of the states indicated in the title, including support and research vessels, within a zone of 4 nautical miles calculated from the baseline of Jan Mayen. Vessels concerned shall obtain a licence from the Department of Fisheries in accordance with section 2. Such licence shall not be transferable. Section 3 provides for report of fisheries activities to the Directorate of Fisheries and section 4 requires vessels concerned to keep log books on catch. Herring shall be at least 25 cm of size; maximum 10 percent of the catch under the prescribed size in single catches is allowed (sect. 5). (8 sections)
Date of text
Entry into force notes
enters into force on 1 January, 1999, and remains in force until the end of 1999.
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