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Decree relative to the establishment of the Norwegian economic zone - delegation of authority (No. 15 of 1976).

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This Decree of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs empowers the Department of Fisheries to regulate fishing in the Norwegian economic zone. Where the zone does not overlap an economic zone of another State, the outer limits of Norwegian zone shall be 200 nautical miles running parallel to the baselines which have been fixed previously. From 1 January 1977 foreign fishing vessels shall notify the Fisheries Department of Bergen regarding the beginning and termination of activities in the Zone and shall report weekly on catch. The provisions of this Decree do not effect provisions of the Royal Decree regarding trawl-free zones of 17 January 1975. Access to fishing in the Norwegian economic zone shall be granted, until further notice, pursuant to section 4 of the Act establishing the Norwegian economic zone.
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Entry into force notes
This Decree entered into force on 1 January 1977.
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