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Regulation N. 1157 on regulating protective security and emergency preparedness in energy supply (Emergency Regulation).

Type of law

This Regulation sets rules on objectives of the Energy Act's articles 1-2 with regard to ensuring that energy supply is maintained and that normal supply is restored in an efficient and safe manner in extraordinary situations in order to reduce social consequences. Among these regulations, it gives guidelines for the prevention, management and mitigation of the effects of extraordinary situations that may damage or prevent the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and district heating. It applies to establishments regulated by the Power Supply Emergency Organisation (KBO). These regulations also apply to the establishments for decisions taken by the KBO and all the latter s units must conduct risk and vulnerability analysis to extraordinary circumstances. The analysis (reviewed annually) shall be on such scale that units can identify risk and vulnerability to all features, facilities and initiatives of importance and meeting the Regulation's requirements. KBO may be given tasks during emergency and war according to article 9-1 (section 5) of the Energy Act and after the emergency authority deems it necessary. Extraordinary circumstances are classified as: Storms and other natural damages; fire and explosions; serious technical failures; burglary, vandalism, sabotage and other crimes. The classification of plants having significant impact on operations, or recovery or security in power supply, transmission or district heating use Class 1 (power station with a total installation generating capacity of minimum 25 MVA), Class 2 (power station with a total installation generating capacity of minimum 100 MVA power plants and at least 100 MVA on a daily basis), Class 3 (Power station in the mountains with a total installed generator capacity of 250 MVA) where the importance of energy supply is greatest.
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Entry into force on 1 January 2013.
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Legislation Amendment
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FOR 2012-12-07 nr 1157: Forskrift om forebyggende sikkerhet og beredskap i energiforsyningen (beredskapsforskriften).