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Act No. 50 on production, transformation, transfer, sale, distribution, and use of energy, etc. (Energy Act).

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The present Act lays down rules for the production, transformation, transfer, sale, distribution, and use of energy. It does not apply to the Norwegian maritime territory, nor to the acquisition of property rights or the right to use waterfalls and the regulation and development of watercourses. The Act contains the following chapters: 1. General provisions; 2. Administrative procedures; 3. Electrical installations; 4. Sale of electrical energy; 5. District heating systems; 6. System responsibility, rationing and supply quality; 7. Energy planning; 8. Energy condition in buildings; 9. Emergency preparedness; 10. Miscellaneous provisions; 11. Entry into force. Amendment to other laws.
The purpose of the Act is to ensure that production, transformation, transfer, sale, distribution and use of energy take place in a socially rational manner, taking into account public and private interests that are affected. Article 2-2 regulates the submission of applications for power plant development. A licence is required for building, owning, or operating plants for the production, conversion, transmission and distribution of electrical energy (Article 3-1). A licence from the regulatory authority is also required for the sale of electrical energy (Article 4-1), and for organizing or operating a marketplace for the sale of electrical energy (Article 4-5). The same rule applies for building, owning, and operating district heating systems. Further rules are set regarding the responsibility of licensees, on energy certificates, on the energy supply emergency preparedness organization (KBO), contingency measures, etc.
The Executive may issue the orders necessary for the implementation of provisions issued in or pursuant to this Act, and monitors compliance with provisions given in or pursuant to this Act.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of Act. No. 50 of 29 June 1990, as last amended by Act No. 11 of 12 march 2021. The King may decide that parts of the Act shall apply to Svalbard.
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Lov om produksjon, omforming, overf ring, omsetning, fordeling og bruk av energi m.m. (energiloven).