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Regulation No. 38 on temporary arrangement of 2014 quota exchange of capelin in Greenland, Iceland, Jan Mayen, and capelin in the Barents Sea.

Type of law

This Regulation establishes the exchange quotas of capelin in Greenland, Iceland and Jan Mayen, and capelin in the Barents Sea between two vessels with purse seine permit, if none arranged for exchange quotas in 2014. Fishing vessels are authorized to hire boats if this occurs. Quota exchange between two vessels providing one entitled to fish both vessels' quotas (Chapter 2 of Regulation s 18 December 2013 No. 1581) while the other vessel entitled to fish both vessels' quotas (Regulation No. 1640) shall apply. It is not possible for a vessel to fish quota that is exchanged.
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Entry into force notes
Immediate entry into force with validity until 1 May 2014.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Forskrift om midlertidig ordning med kvotebytte av lodde ved Groenland, Island og Jan Mayen og lodde i Barentshavet i 2014.