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Regulation No. 802 of 1993 relating to prohibitions against landings of fish outside Norwegian jurisdiction fisheries waters and other special measures to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

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This Decree prohibits the landings of fish caught by foreign vessels in waters outside Norwegian fisheries jurisdiction and catch consisting of fish from fish stocks of common interest with other states that are not subject to agreed stock regulations. It is prohibited to land catch exceeding relevant fish species quotas. A catch shall be considered to be in breach when it consists of fish from fish stocks which are subject to Norwegian regulations and outside of fishery agreement between Norway and the flag State, or by vessels registered from a state which has not signed a fisheries agreement with Norway. It is also forbidden to import fish caught not in accordance with a "desired harvesting pattern" and which may imply that the catch exceeds the justifiable total catch quota of the species involved. It is also forbidden to land fish caught in contravention with directives of regional or sub-regional fisheries organizations or fisheries management arrangements, i.e. an agreed regulation of catches under the terms of an arrangement between other States or an association of States and Norway. The Directorate of Fisheries may prohibit landings of catches until satisfactory confirmation is received. Infringement of provisions of the present Decree shall be punished in accordance with provisions of Act No. 19 of 1966, Act No. 40 of 1983 and Act No. 91 of 1976. The Decree also concerns prohibitions of transshipment and the provision of supply and support services to and from other vessels using Norwegian vessels.
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The Norwegian version is a consolidation of Decree No. 802 of 1993 as amended last by Decree No. 1691 of 2013.Made also pursuant to (repealed) Decree No. 114 of 1993 (Norwegian version).
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Forskrift om forbud mot landing av fisk og andre s rskilte tiltak mot ulovlig, urapportert og uregulert fiske.