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Act No. 19 of 1966 relative to the prohibition for foreigners to fish within the Norwegian territorial sea.

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The fisheries limits of Norway and off the coast of Jan Mayen shall be drawn at 12 nautical miles seawards from and parallel to the baselines which are established by the King. Section 2 equals residents of Norway, companies who have their main office and Board of Directors in Norway or of which the Board is entirely made up of Norwegian citizens resident in Norway, or public institutions to Norwegian citizens for purposes of this Act. Section 3 prohibits fishing by foreigners within the Norwegian fisheries limits and section 5 extends this prohibition to processing, packing, and transshipment of fish. In special cases the King may grant exemptions on the prohibitions of sections 3 and 5. Section 7 vests powers in the King to regulate fishing pursuant to a fisheries agreement with another State. Section 8 gives the King power to prohibit landing of fish other than from Norwegian vessels. (11 sections)
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The Norwegian version is a consolidated version of Act No. 19 of 1966 as at 14 March 2008 and as amended last by Act No. 37 of 2008.The translation dates from March 1996 and incorporates amendments of the Act up to 10 October 1994.
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Translation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.
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Legislation Amendment
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Lov om forbud mot at utlendinger driver fiske m.v. i Norges territorialfarvann.