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Regulation No. 940 on the regulation of king crab fishing in 2013-2014 in the quota-regulated area east of 26 .

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The Regulation sets guidelines on the authorization of king crab fishing and landing in the eastern quota regulated area Mager ysundet between N 70 55.96 'N 25 32.81' and N 70 55.82 'N 25 30.46'. It is illegal to Norwegian vessels to take up these activities, nevertheless the prohibition they are eligible to participate, catch and land 900 ton of male crabs, 50 tons of female crabs and 100 ton of injured male crabs in quota-regulated areas from 1 August 2013 to 31 July 2014. The quota includes catch of male crabs for research (30 tons of male crabs), recreational fishing (3 tons) and tourist fishing purposes (2 tons). When under-fishing up to 10% between 1 August 2012 and 31 July 2013, the Fisheries Directorate shall guarantee an equivalent credit of group quota of the regulated period from 1 August 2013 to 31 July 2014. By over-fishing up to 10% between 1 August 2013 and 31 July 2014, shall allow the Fisheries Directorate to charge or credit group quotas of the equivalent quantity for the next 2014-2015 regulatory period. The quantity that can be caught by each vessel may not be transferred to other vessels. It is also prohibited to land crab fished by another vessel or caught outside of quota-regulated areas, with exception of Skarsv g in the Nordkapp municipality. Participating fishing activities shall be notified by SMS to the Fisheries Directorate. On board production and process of crab is prohibited. When fishing with bottom nets or lines a 1% by-catch of crab is authorized; when fishing for lumpfish with bottom nets, a 5% by-catch of crab in each catch is permitted. Fishing areas where king crab fishing is prohibited are listed in article 14.
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1 August 2013 until 31 July 2014.
Non-compliance with this Order s regulations shall be subject to penalties in adherence to articles 60-62, 64-65 of the Marine Living Resources Act.
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FOR 2013-07-31 nr 940: Forskrift om regulering av fangst av kongekrabbe i kvoteregulert omr de st for 26 mv. i 2013 2014.