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Food Act, 2023 (1967).

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This Act may be called as the "Food Act, 1966". An Act for the control of quality of food (as defined in section 2) and to prevent the adulteration of food. Section 2 also defines "contaminated foodstuffs" and section 3 prohibits the production, sale, or distribution of such foodstuffs. Section 4 prohibits sale of falsely labelled or otherwise described foodstuffs. Such food may be seized under section 4A. A licence is required for production, sale, storage, etc. of food. Retailers of sealed food supplied by licensed producers or wholesalers need no licence for sale. The Government may create a Food Standard Fixation Board for purposes of prescribing food standards (sect. 9). Other provisions of this Act provide for liability for offences (sects. 5 and 6) testing of food (sect. 8), legal proceedings (sects. 10-12), and the power of the Government to make rules (sect. 13).
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This Act shall come into force by notification published in the Nepal Gazette, appoint.
Consolidated text as amended last on 22 October 1992.The Food (second Amendment) Act, 1991 has replaced the term Zonal Commissioner by Chief District Officer in section 11 and 12 of the principal Act.
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