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Management of Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) for the Tuna Fishery in Papua New Guinea.

Type of law

This Policy is an annexure of the National Tuna Fishery Management and Development Plan for its implementation and represents a policy decision of the National Fisheries Authority Board. This policy shall apply to PNG licensed fishing vessels in the exclusive economic zone of PNG, or in another EEZ, or under any regional arrangement, or in the high seas within the area of competence of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission. This Policy restricts the deployment of anchored FADs by any PNG licensed vessel in the PNG EEZ or on the high seas. This Policy lays down management measures, including application of FAD fishing closure period, gear restrictions, area closures for FAD fishing, catch retention, limits, marking and registration of FADs, monitoring of FADs and bycatch, and liabilities of any vessel or company operating FADs.
Date of text
Certain provisions of this Policy are already in place and shall continue to apply. New provisions shall apply from 1 January 2016 to align with the licensing year.
Serial Imprint
National Gazette No. G570, 7 September 2015.
Publication reference
National Fisheries Authority.
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Legislation Amendment