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National Tuna Fishery Management and Development Plan.

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The goals of this Plan are to ensure sustainable tuna fisheries taking into account the best available scientific advice, catch, effort, economic, industry and social issues; maximize the economic and social benefits from the sustainable use of its tuna resources, and achieve the highest levels of compliance. This Plan applies to all tuna fishing, tuna catch, associated by-catch, transshipment and other handling of catch, processing of catch, marketing of catch, and export of catch, from the fishery management area, unless specifically excluded, and includes applicable regulatory provisions. The objectives of this Plan are to: increased local tuna industries, improved fisheries access agreements, enhanced regional cooperative arrangements, optimized social benefits, improved harvest strategies, increased market and trade opportunities, strengthened control over fishing in PNG fisheries management area, combat IUU activities, and pollution control.
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National Gazette No. G436, dated 25th of September, 2014.
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