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Announcement on power policy of the State until 2025.

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The Announcement of the Minister of Economy and Labour introduces Power Policy of Poland until 2025, accepted by the Council of Ministers on 4 January 2005. Power Policy of Poland until 2025 is composed of the following Sections: Aims, principles, priorities; Power safety; Production capacity of national sources of fuels and energy; Amounts and types of fuel reserves; Transport capacity and trans-border connections; Energetic efficiency of the economy; Environment protection; Growth of the use of renewable power source; Restructuring and owner transformation; Directions of research and development; International cooperation. The policy specifies the following activities concerning ecological safety: full adaptation of power combustion sources to provisions of the environment protection; modification of power carriers structure; application of clean coal technologies; decreasing of hard and brown coal impact to the environment; application of liquid fuels of improved ecological properties; introduction of mechanisms allowing limitation of polluting emission to the air.
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Polish Monitor 2005 No. 42 Pos. 560, 561, 562
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in force
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Obwieszczenie w sprawie polityki energetycznej panstwa do 2025 r.