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Energy Law.

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This Act defines the principles of state energy policy, conditions for the supply and use of fuels and energy, and the framework for activities of energy companies. It also specifies the authorities responsible for the management of fuels and energy. Among others, it established the basis for independent electricity and gas production and access of independent power producers to the grid, principles for least cost and integrated resource planning, support to high efficiency heat and power production, demand side management and energy efficiency labels. It consists of the following Sections: General provisions (Sec. 1); Fuels and energy supply (Sec. 2); Transmission of carbon dioxide (Sec. 2b); Principles of the measurement system (Sec. 2c); Principles of the central energy market information system (Sec. 2d); Citizen energy communities (Sec. 2e); Active recipient (Sec. 2f); Energy policy (Sec. 3); Administrative body for regulation of energy and fuel management (Sec. 4); Negotiation coordinator (Sec. 4a); Offer comparator (Sec. 4b); Concessions, registers and tariffs (Sec. 5); Equipment, installation, grids and their operation (Sec. 6); Fines (Sec. 7); Penal provisions (Sec. 7a); Changes in binding regulations, interim and concluding provisions (Sec. 8). Issues covered include renewable sources of energy, licences, planning and development of the energy sector in Poland.
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This Act entered into force on 5 December 1997.
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Journal of Laws 2012 Pos. 1059
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Prawo energetyczne.
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