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Regulation on detailed provisions and method of introducing restrictions concerning purchase of solid and liquid fuel, and supply and consumption of gaseous fuels, electrical energy or heat.

Type of law

This Regulation of the Council of Ministers, which is composed of 13 paragraphs, establishes that the restrictions can be introduced after exhaustion of all available means of providing gaseous fuels, electrical energy or heat to customers. The restrictions cannot cause: threat of human safety or damage of technological objects; disruption in functioning objects designated for carrying out activities concerning safety or defences of the country, health care, telecommunication, education.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
The Regulation enters into force 14 days after publication in the Journal of Laws.
Serial Imprint
Journal of Laws 2003 No. 59 Pos. 518.
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Legislation status
in force
Legislation Amendment
Original title
Rozporzadzenie w sprawie szczegolowych zasad i trybu wprowadzania ograniczen w sprzedazy paliw stalych lub cieklych oraz w dostarczaniu i poborze paliw gazowych, energii elektrycznej lub ciepla.