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Order No. 699/2008 introducing in the national system European legislation regarding certain foodstuff.

Type of law

This Order is composed of 13 Chapters divided in 132 articles and 2 annexes. It introduces in the national legal systems some European provisions regarding certain foodstuff requirements. In particular, it concerns retail of small amounts of eggs, honey, fish, row cow milk and avian meat directly sold by the producer. The Order regulates laboratories bacteriological controls and labeling requirements. Moreover, the Order rules on market placement, marketing import and export of the afore mentioned foodstuff. Particular attention is also paid to the veterinary medicines.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Order enters into force 60 days after its publication.
Serial Imprint
Di rio da Rep blica, 1. S rie, No. 145, 29 July 2008, pp. 5046-5048.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Portaria n. 699/2008.