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Law No.26 of 2008 on rationalising the consumption of electricity and water.

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This Law consisting of 10 articles aims at rationalizing the use of water and electricity in Qatar. Responsible body is the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation, commonly known as Kahramaa. In coordination with the competent authorities, it shall undertake the following (i) develop technical requirements for thermal insulation and conservation of electrical energy in residential and non-residential buildings; (ii) update the technical requirements for internal wiring of electricity and water; (iii) modernize audit methods to ensure the reduction of electricity and water losses in buildings and facilities with high consumption; (iv) develop the technical requirements and standards for the equipment and tools used in the works of electrical and water wiring, and link them to the requirements of granting building licenses; (v) provide technical advice on the use of modern tools that contribute to rationalizing the use of electricity and water; and (v) promote the culture of rationalization of electricity and water consumption.
The owners of buildings and facilities have to replace, renovate and maintain all parts of the internal electrical and water wiring network, and ground and top-level water tanks to be in good condition and usable. Article 4 lists the prohibited actions, such as use potable water to wash cars and outdoor courtyards, or leave the lighting equipment installed on external facades lit from 7 am to 4:30 pm, or leave the damaged or broken parts in the internal water network, which will lead to water leakage, without repair. The employees of the Corporation shall have the right to control and prove violations that are in violation of the provisions of this Law (art.5).
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This Law enters into force on the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
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