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Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan on rational management and protection of water resources of transboundary river Samur.

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The Parties have agreed that regulation of economic activities related to management of water resources of transboundary river Samur shall be carried out with the consideration of the interests of both Parties. Water shall be divided between the Parties shall be done equally less and except for ecological outflow volume of 30.5 percent. Water division shall be done daily. The Parties shall have exclusive right to dispose of water shares allocated thereto. The Parties shall manage jointly waterworks of Samur river with a view of ensuring schedule compliance of water division and ecological outflow and safety of waterworks. The Parties shall ensure hydrological monitoring, registration and use of water flow of Samur river.
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Entry into force notes
This Agreement shall be effective from the date of receiving of the last written confirmation of the Parties on carrying out all the necessary internal procedures for its coming into force.
This Agreement shall be valid for five years and shall be automatically renewed for one or more five-year periods unless, one 12 months prior to the end of any such period, either Party terminates the Agreement by written notice to the other.
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