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Order No. 238 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology validating the Regulation on methods for the calculation of damage caused to soil.

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This Order establishes methods of calculation of damage caused to soil by the infringement of the national environmental legislation and also as a result of environmental and technological disasters. It shall be applicable to: (a) chemical contamination of soil; (b) unauthorized industrial waste disposal; and (c) soil spoilage. It shall not be applicable to radioactive contamination of soil and unauthorized radioactive waste disposal. The Order contains calculation methods and calculation formulae. This Methodology calculates the amount of damage in value form, caused to soil, as a component of the natural environment, formed on the surface of land, consisting of rock minerals, the underlying soil, organic matter formed during decomposition, dead remains of animals and plants, water, air, living organisms and products of their vital activity, which has fertility, as a result of their pollution, damage, destruction of the fertile soil layer.
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8 2010 . N 238 , .