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Federal Law No. 7-FZ on environmental protection.

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The present Federal Law determines legal grounds for state policy in the sphere of environmental protection ensuring conservation of natural environment, biological diversity and natural resources for the purpose of meeting the demands of the present and the future generations, strengthening law enforcement in the sphere of environmental protection and ensuring ecological safety. Standards in the field of environmental protection shall be intended established standards for environmental quality and standards for permissible environmental impact, which, when observed, ensure sustainable functioning of natural ecosystems and conservation of biological diversity. The Federal Law contains 16 Sections composed of 84 articles. Section 1 (arts. 1-4) lays down general provisions. Section 2 (arts. 5-10) lays down the basis for environmental protection. Section 3 (arts. 11-13) establishes the rights and the duties of citizens, social and other non-commercial associations in the sphere of environmental protection. Section 4 (arts. 14-18) regards economic regulation in the sphere of environmental protection. Section 5 (arts. 19-31) establishes rate setting in the sphere of environmental protection. Section 6 (art. 32 and 33) deals with environmental impact assessment and environmental audit. Section 7 (arts. 34-56) sets environmental standards and requirements in the process of carrying out economic activity. Section 8 (art. 57) regards ecological disaster and emergencies. Section 9 (arts. 58-62) regards protected areas and the objects of cultural heritage. Section 10 (art. 63) concerns state environmental (ecological) monitoring. Section 11 (arts. 64-69) regards ecological inspection. Section 12 (art. 70) regards environmental research. Section 13 (arts. 71-74) concerns ecological education of the population. Section 14 (arts. 75-79) establishes liability for the infringement of environmental legislation and the modalities of dispute settlement. Section 15 (art. 81 and 82) regards international cooperation. Section 16 (art. 83 and 84) lays down final provisions. The Federal Law is based upon the following principles: 1) the right of citizens to favourable environment; 2) sustainable development; 3) protection, conservation, reproduction and management natural resources ensuring ecological safety; 4) nature management requiring payment and compensation of environmental damage; 5) precautionary principle; 6) priority of ecosystem preservation.
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The Federal Law enters into force from the date of its official publication.
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