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Regional Decree No. 179-p validating the Regulation on the natural monument Lake and swamp Ryabo .

Type of law

Natural monument Lake and swamp Ryabo performs the following tasks: (a) nature protection (preservation of biodiversity of living organisms, provision of habitat conditions for rare species of plants, animals, fungi included in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the Red Book of Ivanovo Region, and the stability of ecosystems); (b) scientific research; (c) education; (d) recreation (rest, walks, sports); (e) recreational fishing in strict compliance with fishing rules of the Russian Federation; (f) collection of plants and fungi, except for species included in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the Red Book of the Ivanovo region; and (g) photographing and filming animals, plants, landscapes, painting. The following activities shall be prohibited: (a) construction; (b) water intake from the lake for drinking and household water supply; (c) discharge of sewage into the lake; (d) plowing, excavation of land; (e) the use of motorized small vessels, except for vehicles of state authorities performing guardianship of protected area; (f) destruction of coastline, exploration and mining; (g) felling of separate trees and shrubs; (h) drainage of swamp and lake; (i) washing of motor vehicles; (j) making fires; (k) burning of vegetation; (l) waste disposal; and (m) disturbance of habitats of plants, mushrooms and wild fauna species inserted in the national and regional Red Books of protected species.
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This Regional Decree enters into force ten days after the date of its official publication.
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15.05.2015 179- . .