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Regional Decree No. 289 validating the Regulation on protected natural tourist recreational area of regional significance Lisitsyno .

Type of law

Protected natural tourist recreational area of regional significance Lisitsyno shall have as its purpose conservation of natural landscape and ensuring organized tourism and recreation. The objects of recreational interest in the protected area are the flooded quarry, reservoir on the Tarzanka river and forest. In the summertime the shores of reservoirs serve as resting places for numerous townspeople. High landscape expressiveness of the landscape is noted, due to significant excess, for the presence of natural and regulated watercourses, artificial reservoirs, frequent alternation of open and closed spaces, numerous viewpoints. The following activities shall be prohibited on the territory of protected area: (a) all types of felling of forest stand; (b) procurement of mushrooms and wild growing plants containing narcotic substances; (c) use of toxic substances for forest protection; (d) agricultural activities, except for haymaking and apiculture; (e) procurement and harvesting of edible and non-edible non-timber forest resources; (f) construction not related to the functioning of protected area; (g) tree tapping; (h) passage and parking of vehicles; (i) making fires outside specially equipped areas; (j) placement of cattle burial grounds, disposal sites for domestic and non-domestic waste and radioactive, chemical, explosive, toxic and poisonous substances; (k) hunting and hunting management; (l) exploration, mining and blasting operations; and (m) destruction and damaging of notices and other information signs, as well as of equipped resting places.
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This Regional Decree enters into force ten days after the date of its official publication.
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6 2015 . N 289 - " " .